Artist duo, working with alternative methods concerning

the relation between art and the public.

“supraliminal” – existing above the threshold of consciousness.

The artist duo explores alternative approaches to art communication and mediation, focusing mostly on the meaning and experience of an artwork, and not only on its visual perception. Together with the audience, they aim to understand what happens if, when perceiving the work of art, the main sensory organ – sight – is reduced

Performances held at:

2015 GES-2, V-A-C foundation, Moscow

2015 Afisha Picnic, V-A-C pavillion, Moscow

2014 Garage museum for contemporary art

2013 Nässjö konsthall

2013 Kalmar konstmuseum

2012 Kalmar konstmuseum


2015 - 2016 Expanding space, group exhibition at GES-2, V-A-C foundation, Moscow

Two works was made for the occasion of the exhibition presenting the works in the Expanding Space research programme, at the GES-2 Power Plant in Moscow. An artistic Practice in the Urban Environment Long-term programme of public art production in Moscow,, V-A-C foundation

2014 Supramen was participating as a research project and experimental/artistic methods for working with museum audience,

at EUNICS curatorial competition.

Supported for further projects by:

The Swedish Embassy