Excerpt of Caring, original length 13.00 min, 2022


Documentation from solo exhibition at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm


Video 13.00 min, metal, felt fabric, pine needles

In the exhibition Car(ry)ing, Emelie Carlén connects an architectural context – Paimio sanatorium in Turku, Finland – with aspects of a personal narrative‚ reframing the visit as an embodied experience. In doing so, the artist deploys methods from her former research-based projects, investigating the realities and ideals of a particular sociohistorical moment through the material setting of a specific building. Carlén’s installation situates Caring, a video work documenting a visit to Paimio sanatorium, within a constellation of new sculptural works. Together, the sculptures construct an evocative scenography, layering sensory stimuli and setting up an enveloping sense of place through presence. The exhibition creates a narrative divided into parts which subtly interconnect, forming a video essay without words; a visual story made textural and aural.

- Excerpt from the exhibition text On Caring and Carrying by Jasmine Hinks

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