Video, 4.22 min, 2014

In the ancient definition for the binary structure, chora defines the third part; the one that can not be precisely described. A space without a beginning, a refuter of binaries. It makes its own structure, its own meaning, without a pre-historical contexts.

Chora explores the history of the amphitheater as male dominated, as well as this specific space. Centrally located in of the old parts of Athens lies a new version of an amphitheater situated between the the Hill of muses and the Hill of nymphs. At the very location where A midsummer night’s dream took place, this is where mythological stories has

come to reflect on female essence. With a group of pole dancers from Athens we enter the stage, creating a situation made selectively for this group. They perform and dance, cheers each other on and impresses one another with skills

and techniques. At the stage of this place we explore what this dance has come to mean, how to escape its presumptions and use it for us alone.