Analogue negatives, plexiglas

30x30 cm


Exhibition documentation from

Mikrohistorier - från arkiv till offentlighet,

Konstfack 2021

A photograph consists of traceable visual codes. Its meaning is revealed in what it will come to represent, what context will be placed around it. The photograph imitates its surroundings, creates a ghost that comes alive. When I visited Loos’ house Villa Müller I brought with me my old folding camera, the type of camera popular in the ’30s when the house was built.
This camera had never failed me before. Three rolls of film I used all came back blank, empty sepia coloured squares with no traces on their surfaces. No shadows, no change of light, blank frames one after another. The material was mirrored back on itself.

Published at VIS - Journal for Artistic Research issue#5 "One more time, let's do it again"

Edited by Trond Lossius as part of my exposition Haunted Houses.