Video 13.00 min

Perforaded board, stained glass, photograph


Exhibition documentation from Mikrohistorier - från arkiv till offentlighed, Konstfack 2021

Haunted Houses is a video about architect Eileen Gray's house E1027 as a point of departure from which I try to link the house with the works of architect Adolf Loos. I have been concerned with how narratives about these houses have been constructed and re-told – and how these narratives have changed as they have been 'rehearsed'. I focus my research on the two modernist buildings E1027 and Villa Müller and the architects behind them, which in history are not usually put side by side. Both of Gray and Loos have been related to the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, Loos for being his parallel or counterpart in fame and success, and Gray for having her house E1027 being 'artistically haunted' by the presence of Le Corbusier as a result of a series of murals he painted in her house.

Excerpt from Haunted Houses, original lenght 13.00 min

Camera and Edit: Emelie Carlén
Text and Voice over: Emelie Carlén
Sound technician: Sofia Neves
Music: Sanne Dasseville

Supported by:
Association Cap Moderne
The City of Prague Museum
Wienbibliothek im Rathaus
Victoria and Albert Museum
The Albertina Museum
Statens Kunstfond
Helge Ax:son Johnsson Stiftelse

Published at VIS - Journal for Artistic Research issue#5 "One more time, let's do it again"

Edited by Trond Lossius as part of my exposition Haunted Houses.