Installation consisting of video 5 min., steel and roof plastic sculptures


Our rooms are reflections of our inner, or; our inner peace becomes a direct link from the rooms and the things that surround us. Interior as objects and as objects filled with energy and meaning. Arranged to fulfill a special need, an action or movement.

The project exmines the architectural works of Adolf Loos Das Zimmer der Dame and Eileen Grays E.1027. These two architects both took advantage of the interior, as a way to activate another perspective on the floorplan. The clash between them is in the way they look upon the private room, the need for/or displacing of it. They used a functionalist method but with different initials. Adolf Loos put the room for the women in the most inner self of the house, where’s Eileen Gray re-tinks the idee of the bedroom as seperated and puts it in the very center. Here they merge together through sculptures in a united room, the pole dance studio.