Documentation from solo exhibition at Konstepidemin, part of GIBCA extended program, Gothenburg, 2019

5 channel sound installation,12.16 min

Casted aluminium

Sound: Sanne Dasseville

Text: Emelie Carlén

Supported by Danish Arts Foundation






The female choir is about the urban soundscapes that surround us and have become dominated by the female voice. It is the voice that navigates our daily rout, but it is also visible not only in technology but in cinema and essay films, where the normality in the characteristics of a female voice has some how escaped much attention and become a normalized way of setting an atmosphere.

In the female choir the lips are in sync in a strive for change. It uses its emotional experience as a method, to see through, to use as an instrument of critique. As with the choir in the greek ancient theatre, this choir guides the publics emotions, leads the way in the narrative.